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Asure ID Enterprise

Asure ID Enterprise

Asure ID Enterprise: The perfect digital identity and photo card management solution for large organizations that operate over a corporate (LAN/WAN) network. Multiple operators and different departments can easily create, update and maintain multiple shared databases in real time.

Why Use Asure ID Enterprise:

  • More Powerful Features!

    Asure ID Enterprise is the result of Synercard's research into the needs of digital identity and photo card management software users. They told us what features they'd like to see and we built a product they love to use. Using Asure ID Enterprise's advanced networking and database tools users can easily create, edit and view records that are shared on a corporate database between multiple operators and different departments.

  • High End Performance Without The High End Price.

    While Asure ID Enterprise incorporates the power, features, security and flexibility of a high end digital identity and photo card management software product, its price is anything but high end. It was designed to be cost competitive while also incorporating leading edge features such as the ability to encode contact and contactless smart cards as well as being one of the only software programs that allows encoding facial images in Datastrip's 2D barcode symbology.

  • Peace Of Mind.

    Asure ID Enterprise allows you to easily use the Internet to securely transfer card data to an Asure ID Card Service Bureau for primary or backup card production. It's easy and means that you can produce cards no matter what.

    For automatic ID photography from within Asure ID Enterprise software you can use Canon or Olympus camera controlled by inPhoto ID software. Apart from full camera control and automatic image capture inPhoto ID also provides automatic face recognition on live image, face crop and image enhancement before transferring to Asure ID Enterprise.

    inPhoto ID with Asure ID Enterprise step by step operation:

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