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inPhoto ID PS / inPhoto Capture PS FAQs


inPhoto ID PS / inPhoto Capture PS displays the "Invalid Serial Number" error during activation.

Solution: The common reason for this issue is that you enter the wrong serial number during activation. The name of the application you try to activate is displayed in the head of the error message. Please check that you try to activate the correct application. You can find the name of the application that corresponds to your serial number in the your purchase confirmation email.

If product name is different it means that you installed the wrong application. In this case remove it, download and install the correct application (inPhoto ID PS / inPhoto Capture PS). If you are still confused please contact us.

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inPhoto ID PS displays the "Activation Service cannot be started" error during start.

Solution: Reinstall the activation service.

Step 1. Download inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover from HERE. This utility fully removes inPhoto from your PC.

Step 2. Before you start inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover, please, save the serial number of inPhoto because you will need to activate the software again. You can find the serial number in the About (Menu - Question Mark in the top right part - About).

Step 3. Start inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover and follow its instructions.

Step 4. Restart your PC.

Step 5. Install inPhoto.

If the issue persists please run ServiceRepair.cmd.

ServiceRepair.cmd location:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\inPhoto IDPhoto Shared\Activation Service\ServiceRepair.cmd

If the issue persists please email to and the files listed below:

1. C:\Program Files\Common Files\inPhoto IDPhoto Shared\Activation Service\ActivationService.InstallLog
2. C:\Program Files\Common Files\inPhoto IDPhoto Shared\Activation Service\InstallUtil.InstallLog
3. C:\Program Files\Common Files\inPhoto IDPhoto Shared\Activation Service\ServiceRepairCMDLog.txt
4. C:\Program Files\Common Files\inPhoto IDPhoto Shared\Activation Service\StartLog.txt

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inPhoto ID PS / inPhoto Capture PS is installed and activated. The supported Canon PowerShot camera is connected to my PC and switched on. However, when I try to use inPhoto to control my camera "inPhoto doesn't find the camera".

In this case, the preview remains black and the message Camera is not connected displays in the status bar.

Solution: First of all check if you programmed the SD memory card and have it installed and locked in your camera. You need to have the prepared (programmed) SD memory card in your camera to be able to control it from your PC with inPhoto ID PS / inPhoto Capture PS.

Please read How to start.

If it doesn't help try another type of the memory card.

The second possible cause of the issue is that your PC doesn`t recognize the camera.

Please enter the Start menu -> Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus devices and see if your camera is in the list.

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Capture to TWAIN button is greyed out. I can't capture the photo to TWAIN.

Solution: TWAIN protocol must be initialized by an application to which you wish to transfer the captured images - this is a TWAIN protocol obligatory requirement. You can't start TWAIN transfer from inPhoto itself, only from your TWAIN-compliant application. Choose inPhoto as TWAIN data source ans start TWAIN image capture from your application (generaly it is Aquire command).

inPhoto will start automatically and TWAIN button will be available. You must use Acquire command from your application every time, because applications generally close TWAIN transfer after receving files.

If you do use Acquire command every time but inPhoto still has disabled Capture to TWAIN button please contact us. Specify the application you use to transfer images from inPhoto and its version.

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When I use inPhoto ID PS / inPhoto Capture PS with my camera I do not have "live image". What shall I do?

Solution: Canon Powershot camera shall be set in

For inPhoto ID PS:

  • “Auto” (P) mode.

For inPhoto Capture PS:

  • “Auto” (P) mode.
  • “Exposition priority” (Tv),
  • “Aperture priorirty” (Av),
  • or “Manual” (M) mode.
Live image preview will not be displayed in the software window if Canon Powershot camera is set in “Full Auto” mode or any of the special modes.

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All of a sudden my camera is switched off and I need to re-start my PC to work with the software. What is a reason of the problem?

Solution: Please check that your camera does not go to sleep mode. To switch off the camera sleep mode please go to Camera menu on the camera - Auto Power - Off.

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The program does face detection however, when I click save to file, the application minimizes and no image is presented. If no faces are in the frame, I am able to do a save as file and modify the image.

Solution: Check the software settings.

Go to menu File - Options - Processing tab. Check "Show Processing Window".

"Show if necessary" is checked: you will see the Image Processing Window only if the face is not detected for some reason, or there are some problems with face crop. If the face is detected and cropped OK, you will not see the Image Processing Window, and the cropped photo will be saved automatically to the folder selected on File - Options - Save tab. Change "Show Processing Window" to "Always". Also select the folder and saving method on Save tab.

Also, check File - Options - General tab. If you check "Close on capture" and "Hide to tray instead of close" the software will not be closed after photo capture, but will be minimized to tray instead. You can open it from tray, it will reduce the start up time.

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How do I recover my Serial Number?

Solution: If inPhoto is installed on your PC and you can start it you can find your serial number in the About (Menu - Question Mark in the top right part - About).

If you are not able to start inPhoto please contact us ( and

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inPhoto displays "Capturing…" message and hang after shooting.

The issue is caused by the fact that not all manufactures produce memory cards fully complying with SD standards.

When you have clicked Capture to TWAIN or Capture to File buttons your camera captures an image and then tries to store it on the memory card. If the memory card does not work properly in the "Lock" mode the camera cannot store the captured image. Since the camera cannot store the image the application remains in the standby mode (hangs).

We recommend using SanDisk memory cards. All SanDisk memory cards strictly comply with SD standard and work properly.

Solution: Replace your memory card with SanDisk memory card. You may choose any model of the SanDisk memory card, all SanDisk cards work properly.

If you still experience same issue after replacing the memory card – please email us the Log files so we can identify the cause of  the issue: and

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When you try to start inPhoto the error message "GUI … has stopped working" appears.

It happens because inPhoto requires .Net framework 3.0 and .Net framework 4.5.


1. Install .Net framework 3.0 or later and .Net framework 4.5 or later on your PC.
Download the suitable .Net framework features from the Microsoft website. We suggest .Net framework 3.5 (Full Package) available at and .Net framework 4.5.2 available at

If the issue persists after you have installed the .Net framework features, please re-install the application. Follow these steps:

1. Fully remove the application from your PC. A step-by-step guide is given below.
2. Restart the computer.
3. Install the application.

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How to fully remove inPhoto?



Use our inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover and then restart your PC.

1. Download inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover from here: Remover.

2. Before you start inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover please keep the serial numbers of your applications. This utility removes the activation data too. You can find the serial number in the About dialogue of the application. The dialogue is located in the main menu - About.

3. Close inPhoto/IDPhoto.

4. Start inPhoto/IDPhoto Remover and click the Remove button.

5. Please wait until the utility has completed then click the Next button.

6. Done! The inPhoto and IDPhoto applications, all it`s components and records in the system registry have been completely removed from your PC. To close wizard click the Finish button.

7. After inPhoto and IDPhoto software has been removed restart your PC to complete removing.

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How to email Log file?

Solution: To email the log files please do the following:

1.Reproduce the issue.

2.Close the application. Make sure not to hide application to trey. Close it completely using Exit command (Menu - File). If application hangs use End Task from Windows Task Manager.

3.Send us Log.txt of your application.

Log file location in Windows Vista/7/8/10:
C:\Users\[User Account Name]\AppData\Roaming\IDPhotoCapture\inPhoto ID (Capture) PS\inPhoto ID (Capture) PS Log.txt

Log file location in Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\[User Account Name]\Application Data\IDPhotoCapture\inPhoto ID (Capture) PS\inPhoto ID (Capture) PS Log.txt

Please email the Log file to and

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