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inPhoto ID functionality

inPhoto ID FAQs: software functionality

Can I do zooming and brightness changes through the software?
A. Yes, with inPhoto ID software you can control image zoom and you can change image brightness after the image is captured. Read more on abilities of image enhancement with inPhoto ID software.

I wonder, is it possible to increase the preview picture size in dynamic mode?
A. The live preview image size is 320x240 and cannot be increased without the quality loss.

And can this software put camera into sleep mode during routine tasks?
A. No, the software cannot put camera into sleep mode. However, if you use "hide to tray instead of close" option (Options) the inPhoto ID window will be minimized to tray, live image will not be displayed, but the camera will not turn off, and its activation time will be short when it is necessary to start image capturing again.

We are looking for Twain Control Driver for Canon Digital Camera that able to crop the photo image to 3:4 ratio.
A. inPhoto ID software will be a right choice. It includes automatic face recognition and face crop functions. The face crop size and aspect ratio are adjustable. Read more...

This is how I expect it would work.
  • Click capture in ID software
  • Twain Driver is launched with preview
  • Click capture and the camera will take the photo and prompt to confirm the photo is okay then transfer to the id software or retry and take the photo again
  • there is no need to delete of select the photo from the camera.
    A. inPhoto ID works exactly as you expect. In addition it provides the automatic face recognition on live image and automatic or manual face crop.

    Does the inPhoto have the ability to see "live" data from the camera with the ability to manipulate the image on the screen by making changes to exposure settings?
    A. inPhoto ID provides "live" image preview 320x240 pixels.

    Does your software allow for the flash to activate when we choose to capture the image?
    A. Yes, if you set flash on, the flash will be activated when you capture image.

    I would like to have several "My Mode" settings. Since I have 4-5 cameras I would like to store these settings in my computer and transfer them to the camera. Can the inPhoto software do that?
    A. With the inPhoto software you can work as follows:
    - Connect your first camera, adjust its settings from within the inPhoto ID driver, and save these settings to the User Profile,
    - Connect your second camera and perform the same operations (as for the first camera),
    - Do the same for all cameras you use. Now you can connect one of your cameras, select the corresponding User Profile, and capture images.

    I have seen that the image resolution depends on the camera, does it mean with C8080 I can take 8M pixels? In that case which is the time to take and transfer the image?
    A. Yes, you will be able to take 8M resolution image with the C-8080 camera. The time depends on your computer configuration, and at average shall not exceed 1 min.

    Can your TWAIN driver fire the flash on the camera?
    A. Yes, the Canon camera flash is under full control of the inPhoto software. On the Mode tab (see Camera settings control) you can set camera flash in or out, use flash with the red eye reduction, etc).

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