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inPhoto ID Webcam software is designed for ID photo with web cameras. It provides control of all standard web cameras from your personal computer, automatic face detection, capture, crop, enhancement, resize, save or transfer to TWAIN compatible ID card software. inPhoto ID Webcam fully supports Logitech web cameras and Microsoft web cameras.

inPhoto ID Webcam can work both as TWAIN driver and as the stand alone software.

The main application of inPhoto ID Webcam is ID photography, automatic image capture to TWAIN compatible ID card software, fast and accurate ID photo for the corporate databases, etc.


inPhoto ID Webcam trial version
(ID photo software)




If you use the ID card system to produce the corporate ID cards, school ID cards, driver licenses, visas, national medical cards, national ID cards, passports, and other identification cards and documents, and want to use web camera as a part of your system, inPhoto ID Webcam can be used as TWAIN driver for your camera to capture images directly to the ID card software.

In addition to full camera control from computer inPhoto ID PS software performs automatic face detection on live image, automatic face crop, and ID photo resizing and enhancement.

inPhoto ID Webcam provides an ability to capture ID images fast, easy, with the accurate face crop and with the highest possible quality. The operator has full control over camera settings from his working place, and human face detection and crop process is fully automatic.




The inPhoto ID Webcam is fully compatible with all ID card management software packages supporting TWAIN and can be employed to shoot images with the web camera from within the following ID card software:

Incardex, Asure ID, ID Flow, EPI Suite, ID Works, and many others.



ID photo with Asure ID software

Example of inPhoto ID Webcam driver work with Asure ID 7 software (HID Global company, All versions are supported: Asure ID 7 Solo, Asure ID 7 Express, Asure ID 7 Enterprise, and Asure ID 7 Exchange.

inPhoto ID Webcam with Incardex

Example of inPhoto ID Webcam driver work with Incardex

inPhoto ID Webcam with XnView

Example of inPhoto ID Webcam driver work with XnView


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