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Lighting Analyses

inPhoto Capture application:
Lighting Analyses with Image-Based-Lighting.


This story is the courtesy of Mehmedalp Tural, PhD Arizona State University (USA). Mr. Tural won a free copy of inPhoto Capture camera control software designed for full computer control of Canon and Olympus digital cameras. Please refer to giveaway action for more details.


Lighting Analysis
Mr. Tural's research focuses on image-based-lighting analysis and he uses high dynamic range (HDR) imaging for this purpose.

One way of creating HDR images is stacking a group of pictures of the same scene which are captured with different exposure values. With this technique it is possible to overcome the limitations of digital image sensors and it becomes possible to have properly exposed pixels (Reinhard et. al., 2006). The combined image can be used for lighting analyses to investigate several variables like the effects of different materials on general lighting or the atmosphere of the space.

Although there are various programs to correct the ghosts in the images by aligning them, one problem with image combining technique is the necessity of having a static scene. In addition, the smallest movement in camera position would create blurry results. This becomes a much significant problem while capturing scenes with low lighting conditions, i.e. nighttime photography.

Therefore, it is important to control the camera without the use of on-camera buttons. inPhoto inPhoto Capture software provided by Akond Company enables the user the ease of such operation, like changing the exposure values and zoom range from a laptop. Also the time-lapse capture feature of the software makes it possible to capture the same scene in different times of the day to make daylighting analyses.

Lighting Analysis

Underexposed (0.62 sec, f 7.0)

Lighting Analysis

Lighting Analysis

Lighting Analysis

Overexposed (5 sec, f 7.0)

Lighting Analysis

HDR image

Lighting Analysis

Lighting analysis (Photosphere)




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