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Child ID cards

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Child ID photography


This story is the courtesy of Mr. Ken Fittro, Child Impressions company, USA. Mr. Ken Fittro uses inPhoto Capture camera control software designed for child ID photography. He is a full time Detective with a small police department and he started the child ID business on the side in 2007. Find below the description of how Mr. Fittro operates.


Child ID photography
I first contact the school administrator for permission to offer my services, which usually involves giving them a sample and providing references of past customers. Once I get permission, then a date is chosen for me to come to the school and provide the service. The flyers are dropped off at the school along with some reminder stickers. The flyers are sent home about 10 days before the event and the reminder stickers are given to the children to wear home the day before the event.

If parents are interested in having the service completed on their child, they fill out an attached envelope that has all of the necessary information and enclose payment. I arrive on the specified day and I fingerprint and photograph the children participating and collect DNA if applicable. I then complete the data entry, print and laminate the ID cards and burn a CD at my home office. All of which is then placed in a catalog envelope and returned to the school about a week later to be distributed to the children that participated to take home.
Child ID photography
Two child ID cards are created. They are laminated and the purpose of these cards is for parents to have the ID cards with them in the event that their child goes missing. It really is kind of pointless because myself being a police officer, I know that the ID card does not hold much value in assisting with the location of a child. That is why I include a CD of all of the data so that parents can provide that to police in the event of their child missing. The CD then can be used to email, distribute and duplicate as many copies as necessary of the child’s photo and fingerprints. Statistics show that the first three hours of a child missing are the most crucial and hold the most promise of locating a missing or abducted child.

The full child ID is the large card that is left after the two ID cards are separated from it. The full ID card contains all of the child’s and parent’s data, the child’s photo and the child’s fingerprints. The ID cards do not contain all of the data nor do they contain the child’s fingerprints.

The full ID card is burned to the CD and given to the parents. If to use Canon camera not controlled with inPhoto Capture software it is necessary to capture photo, then to remove the memory card from the camera, put the memory card into the laptop, then import the photo into the software to include it in the child ID, then once I am finished with that, then the memory card gets returned back to the camera. As you can see, it is a very tedious operation that I will streamline by using inPhoto Capture software.




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