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inPhoto ID PS: ID photo with Canon Powershot camera: options

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inPhoto ID PS (ID photo software for Canon Powershot cameras):


ID photography software options
inPhoto ID PS
Supported cameras

Important! To install and start working with inPhoto ID PS requires some additional preparation (programming) of the camera SD card. Please refer to How to start for more details.

inPhoto ID PS software is designed for automatic ID photography with Canon Powershot cameras (see Supported Canon cameras). inPhoto ID PS provides full camera control, live image preview, automatic face detection on live image, automatic face crop, image enhancement, capture, save or transfer.

The Options dialogue box (File menu) contains 6 tabs. On the General tab it is possible to select the options of inPhoto ID PS start up and close process.

If Close on capture is checked the inPhoto ID PS will be closed after the image is captured and transferred to the TWAIN compatible software (or saved to file). Check Hide to tray instead of close to hide inPhoto ID PS to tray when it is closed. It reduces tremendously the software activation time for the next image capture. If Restore settings value on start box is checked the web camera settings will be restored to the last state used when the software was closed.

On the right part of General tab it is possible to set the inPhoto ID PS window view on start. If Restore last state box is checked the inPhoto ID PS window on start will correspond to the last state before close. If Always show box is checked the Control panel (bottom part of the software window) will be always displayed. If Always hide box is checked the Control panel (bottom part of the software window) will be always hidden.

ID photography software options

The Save file tab is used to define the save to file settings. It is possible to select the folder to save images to upon pressing Capture to file button and create separate folders for the year / month / day.

Check Ask before saving, and you will be prompted to assign a name to the image file before saving to the specified folder.

ID photography software options

The Processing tab contains controls to set up face detection and image processing options.

Check Image Processing to enable image processing after capture.

The Show Processing Window group includes the following options:

Never: the Image Processing window will not be displayed (will be skipped off), and the image will be processed according to the last settings made. If the face has not been found automatically the full image will be captured,
Always: the Image Processing window is always invoked,
Show if necessary: the Image Processing window is displayed when necessary, e.g. when the face is not recognized on the image, when the face is too close to the image frame, etc.

Check Auto Face Detection to activate the automatic face recognition and detection.

Check Face Tracking on Preview to enable dynamic face detection in the preview window..

ID photography software options

The Language tab provides an ability to select the software language. New language settings will take effect after the software is restarted.

ID photography software options

The Voice control tab is used to select the commands to control the web camera by the voice.

Read more about Voice control.

ID photography software options

The Informant tab is used to enable/disable the voice informer.

Read more about Voice informer.


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