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inPhoto ID software is very easy to install and run. To install and run inPhoto ID the following simple operations shall be performed:

1. Connect your Canon digital photo camera to computer, and install inPhoto ID.

Once you installed inPhoto ID software on your computer, you can run it as TWAIN driver and have an ability of direct image capture from within Asure ID software (developed by Synercard, Asure ID software supports TWAIN and fully compatible with inPhoto ID.

2. Call for the inPhoto ID TWAIN driver from Asure ID.

For this do the following:
Select TWAIN source in Menu (Image/Select TWAIN source). Select inPhoto ID TWAIN and press OK.
Click on the Photo field with the right mouse button. Select Acquire Photo from TWAIN source. You can also double click with the left mouse button on the Photo field to run inPhoto ID.

Please note the following:

When it is installed the inPhoto ID software does NOT create any group in the Start/Programs menu or shortcut on the desktop.

If you work with CANON camera:

In order to be able to use the inPhoto ID TWAIN driver to control your Canon camera from computer set your camera to Play back mode using the corresponding switch on your camera body. Connect your camera to PC using the USB cable. Switch on your camera. The new hardware (Canon camera) will be detected by your computer and installed.

If you miss to set your camera to Play back mode the message "Cannot connect to the camera" will be displayed when you run inPhoto ID camera control software (as TWAIN driver from a TWAIN compatible application).

If your operation system is lower than Windows XP (Windows 98, ME, 2000) please note the following. In order to be able to connect to the camera you must also install the Canon USB drivers from the CD that came with your camera. The latest Canon USB drivers can also be downloaded from

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