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Time lapse photography

inPhoto Capture application:
Time lapse photography


This story is the courtesy of Mr. David Burrows, Wemyss Bay, Scotland, UK. Mr. David Burrows won a free copy of inPhoto Capture camera control software designed for full computer control of Canon and Olympus digital cameras.

Download trial version. . Please refer to giveaway action for more details.


inPhoto Capture application for time lapse photography
I have been using inPhoto Capture to perform time lapse photography merely as a hobby.

I use the images taken with inPhoto Capture and run them together in a slideshow to illustrate how scenes or objects change over a long period of time where otherwise no change would be observable. The scenes I have photographed to date using the software include sunsets, sunrises and the movement of clouds. To do this I set up my camera on a tripod near a window in my house early one morning and early one evening to catch the sunrise and sunset respectively. The results were encouraging and will only get better with practice.
inPhoto Capture application for time lapse photography
As it is summer now where I live lots of flowers have begun to bloom. I used InPhoto to take a series of images (approximately 500) over a period of 2 hours of a flower opening with the sun. Running the images in reverse a makes the flower look as if its closing. I was very pleased with the results.

I am a science teacher and I have used inPhoto Capture in class experiments to chart the growth of crystals of salt and copper sulphate. This experiment, once set up takes a few days to produce any results. I set up my camera to observe an evaporating basin containing a copper sulphate solution, started up InPhoto and left it to run. 2 days later I had a series of lovely images that when run together showed the slow growth of copper sulphate crystals. I find that the children in my class benefited from being able to see how their experiments changed over time instead of returning to them days later to see some results. inPhoto Capture helped me to fill in the gulf between the set up of the experiment and the end result.
inPhoto Capture application for time lapse photography
I can see inPhoto Capture being useful for observing other experiments such as plant growth and even using the motion sensing capabilities to observe the activities of the science department's animals (mice, insects).

If I ever move house I intend to photograph items for insurance purposes. InPhoto will certainly help to streamline the process.

I am definitely interested in obtaining the use of higher resolutions for the taking of time lapse images.




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