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Contact endoscopy

inPhoto Oly application:
Digital image processing and analysis
in preliminary experiences with contact endoscopy of the larynx

This story is the courtesy of Mr. Wojciech Tarnawski, Ph.D., Technical University of Wroclaw in co-operation with Department of Otolaryngology of Wroclaw Medical University, POLAND. Mr. Tarnawski won a free copy of inPhoto Oly camera control software (discontinued from June, 2006. inPhoto Oly software is replaced by inPhoto Capture designed for full computer control of Canon and Olympus digital cameras). Please refer to giveaway action for more details.


Figure 1.
Contact endoscopy is a technique of obtaining detailed magnified images of living epithelium using a modified glass rod lens endoscope placed on the surface of the tissue. The technique has been extensively described in gynaecological, and more recently, laryngeal and nasal tissues.

However, no quantitative studies of its diagnostic accuracy yet exist, and in our preliminary experiences with contact endoscopy of the larynx we are trying to evaluate its role in clinical practice. We use the Karl Storz 8715 BA contact endoscope which is guided down the Kleinsasser laryngoscope towards the larynx (see Figure 2) until touching (contacting) the exact area of interest (see Figure 3).
Figure 2.
Figure 3. Endoscope contacts area of interest.
It's obvious that any technique which gives histological information (see below: images received from contact endoscopy) without damaging tissues (biopsy) has obvious advantages.


The main problem with the contact endoscopy is their reliability and difficulties in diagnostic interpretation with standard PAL-video signal which is commonly used in standard.


For better interpretation and evaluation it's needed to capture high-resolution images (5-8 Megapixels) and analyze it using image processing and analysis methods. In our researches biopsy remains the "gold standard" to which the results from contact endoscopy are compared.


We implemented the prototype imaging system. The image detector of the system is the C-7070 Wide Zoom Olympus camera (7 Megapixels) equipped with specially constructed converter connected with Karl Storz 8715 BA contact endoscope with Storz Xenon 300 light (see Figure 1).


The computerized photographic capture system is needed because during the surgery investigation there is no possibility to make photo (surgeon's hands are busy). For this reason we decided to use InPhoto Oly software to control and capture images received during contact endoscopy.


Our investigations are financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research within a grant No 3 T11E 01128, what is gratefully acknowledged.


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