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Cataloging the ollection

inPhoto Oly application:
cataloging the Lace and Textiles ollection.


This story is the courtesy of Mr. Perrin Kliot, Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles, Mr. Perrin Kliot won a free copy of inPhoto Oly camera control software (discontinued from June, 2006. inPhoto Oly software is replaced by inPhoto Capture designed for full computer control of Canon and Olympus digital cameras). Please refer to giveaway action for more details.


The Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles ( founded in Berkeley California by Jules Kliot in 2005 has one of the largest private lace and textile collections in the United States.

The collection of the Kliot laces and textiles represents 40 years of dedication to the preservation of the finest of human handiwork. The collection includes thousands of specimens from pre-Columbian Peru, the finest from the 17th c. European courts and examples of the machine laces exemplifying the 19th c. industrial revolution.

The museum has an extensive library, focusing on lace, textiles and costume includes over 10,000 items of books, patterns, articles and other ephemera.

One of our first and most daunting projects as a museum has been cataloging the Kliot collection. We started by setting up a database program designed in house and using digital cameras and scanners to capture images of the collection. Because of the delicate nature of the collection capturing quality images was critical for historical, educational and preservation purposes.

Our ultimate goal is to put our entire collection online as a free resource for all to use for educational and research purposes as well as to share the beauty of some of the finest handwork ever created by man or should I say woman.


With a digital camera this process has been slow, once each piece was photographed the digital images had to be downloaded adjusted and renamed accordingly and added to our database, with a collection consisting of thousands of pieces this was not practical.

Using an Olympus C-5050 camera and inPhoto Oly software this process has now become a practical and easy one. inPhoto Oly software provides us with the much needed twain driver. With the inPhoto Oly twain driver we now have direct communication between our database and digital camera.

When we are entering items into our database a technician simply enters historical information pertaining to the piece then presses a capture button, the capture button loads the inPhoto software twain driver. inPhoto software then allows the technician to make adjustments and take as many pictures of the piece as is required and then the technician simply selected the "Save" button in inPhoto software and the images are saved to disk and automatically attached to the database.



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