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Press Release 7 Dec 2005

inPhoto Capture software: version 1.2
Pressrelease as of the 7th of December, 2005


Olympus and Canon camera control software
inPhoto Capture software (Canon camera control) is updated to version 1.2. The software for Canon camera control has become more powerful and able now to perform new challenging tasks.

The following new functions and abilities have been added to inPhoto Capture:

1. The software can now work both as TWAIN driver and stand alone application.

If inPhoto software is run as TWAIN driver the user can capture and transfer images to TWAIN compatible application (Capture to TWAIN button) or capture and save images to file (Capture to File button).

If inPhoto software is run as stand alone application, e.g. via Start / Programs / inPhoto Capture / inPhoto Capture, the user can only capture images and save them to file. Capture to TWAIN button will be disabled.
Olympus and Canon camera control software
2. Save to file option is added.

It is now possible to set up the folder to save images in and rules for naming the image files. These settings are made on the Save file tab of the Options dialogue box (File / Options / Save file).
Olympus and Canon camera control software
3. The image rotation is added.

The user can now rotate the image in the Preview window. The rotated image can be captured either to the TWAIN compatible application (if inPhoto Capture is run as TWAIN driver) or to file (if inPhoto Capture is run as stand alone application). There two options of image rotation control:

automatic, when the image in Preview window is rotated depending on the camera orientation,
manual, by +90, -90 and 180 degrees.

The user can also enable the image preview on the camera LCD and camera video output.


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