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Press Release 04 March 2009


Incardex (inCard until June 2010): version 1.2
Press Release 2009/03/04 


ID card design and print
Attention! In July 2010 inCard software changed its name to Incardex.


inCard software (ID card software for ID card design and printing) is updated to version 1.2.

What is new in version 1.2 of inCard:

Database filtration in inCard Producer module. Ability to filter all database by 1 to 6 criteria. The database filtration is performed both in the Form and Table modes. All filtered records are displayed in the software window.
Mark the database records for printing in the Form mode of inCard Producer and show the marked records only if necessary.
Streamline data import from Excel file to the active database in inCard Producer module.
Create multiple ID card layouts connected with the same database in inCard Designer. Now you may have a single database and several ID card layouts for different groups of employees. Just select the needed layout and print the ID card.
Ability to save a link to the image file in the database in inCard Producer,
Work with the huge databases (more than 50,000 entries) is optimized.


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