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inCard: ID card software

ID card software - inCard - is designed for ID card management and printing.

inCard sofware provides an ability to create the ID cards of standard and user defigned formats.

The most common card format is ID-1 or CR80. However, there are other standard card formats as well. The official format for the common ID card was codified by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) in the specification document ISO 7810 (Identification Cards-Physical Characteristics). According to this document the ID-1 (CR80) card has the following dimensions: 3.370 inches wide and 2.125 inches high. The thickness is 0.030 inches. This thickness is most commin, and it is called "30 mil".

However, ID-1 (CR80) card is too small in many cases for the name badges. That is why the larger card formats are usually used for the identification badges at the exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. On the other hand, the smaller card formats are also used quite often as the identification tags.

Below you can see the table of the standard ID card formats.

Name Length (in inches) Width (in inches)
CR50 3.5 1.75
CR60 3.25 2.312
CR70 2.875 2.125
CR80 (ID-1) 3.370 2.125
CR90 3.63 2.37
CR100 3.88 2.63
ID-2 4.134 2.913
ID-3 4.921 3.465
Name Length Width


ID card software
To select the ID card format perform the following actions:

Click New button on the Toolbar or select New on the File menu. The new ID card blank layout will be created.
Click Layout Properties... button on the Toolbar or select Layout Properties... on the File menu. The Layout Properties dialogue box will be displayed.
In the Card format drop down list select the ID card size. In a list you will find all standard card formats.
ID card software
If you need to create the ID card of the non-standard format select Custom in the Card Format drop down list.
You can create the different standard and non-standard card layouts, select backgrounds, insert photos and all data fields required.
You can create both one-sided and double-sided ID cards. Select necessary card type in the drop down list.

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