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inPhoto ID PS (ID photo software for Canon Powershot cameras):
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ID photo software
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Important! To install and start working with inPhoto ID PS requires some additional preparation (programming) of the camera SD card. Please refer to How to start for more details.

inPhoto ID PS software is designed for automatic ID photography with Canon Powershot cameras (see Supported Canon cameras). inPhoto ID PS provides full camera control, live image preview, automatic face detection on live image, automatic face crop, image enhancement, capture, save or transfer. It works as TWAIN driver and as stand alone application.

inPhoto ID PS software supports Canon Powershot cameras and can be used as ID photo module with all standard ID card software supporting TWAIN.

After the captured ID image is automatically cropped in the Image Processing window it is automatically transferred to ID card management software supporting TWAIN (e.g. Incardex from Akond) and inserted into the photo field. The exported photo is printed on a ready ID card or badge together with other personal information.

inPhoto ID PS can be used as image acquisition tool for various TWAIN compatible applications including all major ID card management printing software like Incardex from Akond, ID Works and IDCentre from Datacard Group (USA), Asure ID from HID Global (USA), ID Flow from Jolly Technologies (USA), EPI Suite from ImageWare Systems (USA), and others.

The captured ID photos are automatically transferred to ID card management software supporting TWAIN (e.g. Incardex) and inserted into the photo fields. Read more about working as TWAIN driver...

ID photo software
inPhoto ID PS enables the user to perform automatic image capture with a time interval between shots. The Time Lapse Capture dialogue box (Menu Camera / Time Lapse Capture) provides an ability to set the time lapse shooting options.

ID photo software
In this box you can specify the number of shots and the time lapse between the shots. Press Start to start automatic image capture and export to the TWAIN compartible application (if inPhoto ID PS is used as TWAIN driver).

If inPhoto ID PS is used as stand alone application press Start, and the captured images will be automatically captured and saved to the folder specified on the Save file tab of Options dialogue box of inPhoto ID PS. The time lapse capture starts. Press Pause to suspend shooting if necessary. To continue image capturing press Continue button. To stop image capturing press Stop button.

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