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Object crop and enhancement


inPhoto Capture SLR (Canon EOS camera control):
Object crop and enhancement


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The inPhoto Capture SLR software (Canon EOS camera control) is designed for full control of Canon EOS camera from your personal computer. It can work either as TWAIN driver or as the stand alone software.

inPhoto Capture SLR software supports Canon SLR cameras and can be used as ID photo module with all standard ID card software supporting TWAIN.

After the image is captured the face area can be cropped.

Upon pressing the Capture to TWAIN button in the image preview window the Image Processing window will be invoked (this window can be skipped off if the corresponding settings are made in the inPhoto Capture SLR options).

This window provides an ability to crop the face area (automatically or manually), and enhance the resulting image if necessary.

The face area is automatically outlined by the yellow frame. The user can change the frame size and position if necessary. If the face on the image is not recognized automatically the user has an option to outline the face area manually.

The green frame outlines the image area to be cropped. The yellow frame / green frame ratio and position are adjusted by Zoom, Vertical offset, and Horizontal offset controls. The aspect ratio control is used to set the resulting image ratio.

If the face is located too close to the image frame and the area to be cropped is cut by the image border, the frame color will change from green to red. In this case the user has three options: ignore, modify the image frame, or press Back button and return back to the image preview window. The cropped image will be displayed in the right part of the Image Processing window.

The cropped image can be enhanced if you are not quite satisfied with the resulting image quality. It is possible to adjust image brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness using the corresponding controls in the right part of the Image Processing window.


ID photo with Canon Powershot cameras
It is also possible to resize the resulting image. Press Set button in the upper right part of the Image Processing window and set the resizing options (pixel size of the resulting image).
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