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ID Photo Processor: External tools
Send processed photos to XnView software


ID Photo Processor is designed for batch ID photo processing. ID Photo Processor provides fast and accurate face find on the source images, and fully automatic face crop.

The processed ID photos can be send to the external applications for further processing if necessary. For this use External tools tab (Menu - Options). Below you will find an example of how it works with XnView software (free image editing application).
Batch photo processing - external tools

1. Select External tools tab on the Options dialog box (Menu - Options). Add New external tool, give it a title, and select a path to the executed file of this tool. Check Execute after processing, and the processed (cropped and enhanced) ID photo will be sent to the external application.
Batch photo processing - external tools

2. Select an image file or folder to be processed in the ID Photo Processor main window.
Batch photo processing - external tools

3. Go to Menu - Actions, and select the title of the external tool. In our example this is XnView.
Batch photo processing - external tools

4. The selected image or all images from the selected folder will be processed in ID Photo Processor and then sent to the external application (in our example XnView). You will be able to use all XnView functions to futher process the ID photo (s).
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