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ID card software - Incardex - is designed for ID card management and printing.

ID card or badge layouts are created using Incardex Designer module of Incardex software. In order to create a new card layout click New button on the Toolbar or select New on the File menu. The blank card layout will be created.


ID card software
To select the layout properties click the Layout Properties button on the Toolbar, or select Layout Properties on the File menu, or select Layout Properties in the card layout context menu. The layout properties window will be displayed.

Here you can set up the card format (more about card formats...), card type (one-sided or double-sided), card width and height (they are set up automatically if you select one of the standard card formats), card background (it is possible to select one-color card background or open the background image).


ID card software
To open background image check Image in the Layout Properties window, press Browse... and select background image file.

The ID card layout with the selected background will be displayed in the preview window.


ID card software
To insert text, graphics, photos, 1D and 2D barcodes, magnetic stripe, and fingerprints on a card use available design elements on the Toolbar. Click on the Toolbar button and draw the corresponding element on the card layout. Each element has its own properties:

text color, position, and font
line color and thickness
rectangle color and border
image and photo border, background, and proportions
barcode type, color, position
magnetic stripe encoding rules
fingerprint image border, background color, and position.

There are options to reorder, arrange, align, put to the same size, and stretch the inserted fields. All these abilities help to create professional card designs smoothly.

Read more on how to Set data fields on the ID card layout.


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